Tax Return Due Date 31st January 2018
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Collection of unpaid tax via PAYE

Harish Verma

Q: Can I pay my tax due by asking the revenue to collect it from my following Tax Years PAYE 

A: Yes if you meet two conditions

First the amount of the Tax Payment due is less then £3,000 and secondly the Tax payer is an Employee or receives a Pension.

Second condition is that you must file your 2015/16 Tax Return by 31 October 2016 (if filing it on Paper) or by 31 December 2016 if filing your Tax Return online.

Tax Savings Tip

This means, best file your return early and save cash, as Tax can be collected in the Tax Yearv 2016/17 on a monthly basis rather then in one go.

Example You owe Tax of £2,000 for 2015/16 and are a Pensioner. You can ask HMRC to adjust your PAYE code for the Tax Year 2016/17 and collect the Tax due in the following year at source. This will benefit your cash flow.




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