Tax Return Due Date 31st January 2018
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Fixed Fee Tax Returns - Preparation, Submission and Monitoring - £100

Fixed Fee Tax Returns - Preparation, Submission and Monitoring - £100


Do you have a Unique Tax Reference (UTR), earn more than 100k£, are self-employed or need to clarify your tax payments? Then you have to submit a tax return. 

Save yourself the hassle and potential penalties from HMRC - get your tax return done within one day from us. 

All you need to do:

  1. Select your options, click "Add to Cart" and complete the checkout.
  2. Take pictures of your income and tax documents with your smartphone or scan them with your computer.
  3. Reply to your confirmation email with the pictures/scans attached - done.

You prefer Facebook messenger, Twitter messages or our Live Chat (the green bubble in the right corner)? We got that covered - and will communicate with you right there. If you prefer to come and see us - that's an option, too! Convenient, isn't it?

What we then do for you:

  1. We review your input and clarify open questions.
  2. We compute the best tax submission for you and send the tax calculation for your approval - explaining which significant expenses went where.
  3. You approve our work.
  4. We submit your tax return to HMRC, save the receipt and send it for your records.
  5. If HMRC has questions or concerns, we will answer them.
  6. We will monitor the processing then and make sure that any refund or payment is properly processed.
  7. Last but not least: We send you actionable feedback for future optimisation potential of your individual tax situation.

We are looking forward to receiving your kind order.


For your information:

  • HMRC's upcoming submission deadline for the tax year 2016/2017: 31.01.2018 - submissions after this date are subject to fines from HMRC.
  • Please select the appropriate options according to your income situation, the indicated price is per taxpayer.
  • In the case of questions, please contact us - easiest way is to use the chat box in the lower right corner of the screen.

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